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 Annual Reports


iChallenged, Inc. Annual Report 2016

Executive Summary 

iChallenged, Inc. (iChallenged) has had a very successful sixth year as a non-profit in Michigan. Our computer training component has worked with many visually-challenged individuals, providing them with the skills to improve their lives. We have continued provision of eye and vision services first offered in 2012 through all of 2016. We also have continued our outreach with assistive technology programs internally funding training efforts for Detroit area residents. Gross earned income in 2016 was $55,498, about 2% lower than 2015. Cash donations in 2015 were $4,011 versus 2016 cash donations of $1,050.

Significant Accomplishments 
Computer Training (local)

As of December 31, 2016, on fifty-six (56) case occasions, legally blind clients have had iChallenged services support. Most completed computer based rehabilitation training that enables them to retain their current jobs, find employment or pursue further education. iChallenged provided two general grants to train blind clients in the Detroit area.

Computer Training (Third-World Countries)
iChallenged has continued its out-reach programs by providing remote computer training for two individuals in third-world countries. One in Jamaica and one in Kenya.

Fund Raising and Donations

iChallenged did not have a fund-raising event in 2016. It did have another exceptional donation of 236 boxes of 15 frames per box ( 3,540 frames ) valued at $7,080.  


Many (19,230)  of the new Ophthalmic frames received in 2015 were given away to the Lions Club in 2016 . These frames were valued at $38,460.00.  An additional 6,480 frames were given to Visitation of Mary community health program (2160), Medworks (2160) and the Jamaica Outreach Program (2160) valued at $12,960.00.


 iChallenged had an inventory of 5,160 remaining frames as of December 31, 2016, valued at $10,320.

Eye and Vision Services
Eye See Clearly Program (ESCP) - Glasses (35) for uninsured
Grandparents Program (GPP) - Glasses (12) for Grandparents without insurance for glasses: 
iChallenged Retina Surgery Program (iCRSP
Surgeries: 4




iChallenged 2016 Annual Report                                                                                                                                  Page 2

U&C: Usual and customary fees for patient's medical service for 1 year

Optometric Services: 436

·         238 Glaucoma patients (confirmed or suspected)

Annual fee paid by referring agency:        $  168

Total U&C:                                                          $1230

Fee Adjustments: ($1230-$168)        $157,176 (238 @ $1062)

- Annual Examination                     $200 (U&C)

- Bi-annual Visual Fields                 $170 (2 @ $85) (U&C)

- Bi-annual fundus Photos            $280 (2 @ $140) (U&C)

- Bi-annual Imaging (OCT)             $280 (2 @ $140) (U&C)

- 3-month examinations                $300 (3 @ $100 (U&C)  


·         168 Diabetic eye examinations*

Annual fee paid by referring agency:       $  168

Total U&C:                                                          $1060

Fee Adjustments: ($1060-$168)        $149,856 (198 @ $892)

-Annual Examination                      $200 (U&C)

-Bi-annual fundus photos             $280 (2 @ $140) (U&C)

-Bi-annual Imaging (OCT)              $280 (2 @ $140) (U@C)

-3-month examinations                 $300 (3 @ $100) (U&C)


Total Fee adjustment or savings: $307,032


*Without the collaboration of Kresge Eye Institute, we have stressed to every patient, the need to prevent the need for retina laser surgery.  Surgery can be avoided if blood sugar levels can be controlled.  If vision –threatening diabetic retinopathy is detected, referral to local, certified vitreo-retina surgeons are recommended.  We continue to search for retinal specialist who will accept the same reimbursement they accept from Michigan Medicaid.


Trends and Future Directions  
iChallenged Inc. has continued rehabilitation services to compass (but not be limited to):

Evaluation and treatment of common refractive errors- Myopia, Hyperopia, Astigmatism, Presbyopia

Evaluation, treatment and/or referral and co-management of ocular pathologies including but not limited to

Ocular infections                              Glaucoma                                            Ocular trauma

Inflammations                                   Diabetic Eye Care                             Dry Eye Care

Allergies                                               Keratoconus                                      Strabismus

iChallenged 2016 Annual Report                                                                                                                                            Page 3

iChallenged, Inc. is adjusting fees according to one’s ability to pay for services, thus allowing us to serve the uninsured, under insured, unemployed and those underserved due to the lack of financial resources for services.  We expect to receive many referrals from other medical, healthcare and human resource agencies which serve the uninsured. In addition, iChallenged, Inc. will serve special needs populations including but not limited to those who are legally blind, partially sighted and those with other various special needs such as children with limited communication skills, the hearing impaired and those who are cognitively and/or physically challenged. 

Future Directions 
We plan to serve the legally blind and visually challenged populations throughout the United States, and beyond, to teach computer skills by applying for government grants and grants from other organizations such as Lions Clubs and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  All iChallenged Inc. computer training providers are in the United States and many provide their rehabilitation services to iChallenged students, remotely from their homes or other locations via the computer and telecommunication technologies assembled by iChallenged.  Over half of our 15 contracted computer trainers are blind and have been trained in iChallenged methods by other iChallenged instructors, both blind and sighted. 

Goals for Coming Year

·         Focus on fund raising in order to support our mission, services and programs.

·         Increase training staff of iChallenged with a minimum of 1 new instructor being partially sighted with driver’s license in 2016

·         Make available vision-saving surgical procedures for those who would otherwise be considered blind because they could not afford the procedures

·         Through fundraising efforts, be able to continue to re-establish our iCRSP program

·         Develop program to acquire cataract surgery at the Medicaid screen (amount paid by Medicaid)

·         Increase providers for both optometric services and ophthalmology services.

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