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Coping with Vision Loss
Vision related Healthcare
Advocacy through Awareness
Orientation and Mobility Training
Job Skills Assesment
Job in Jeapardy Intervention
Basic Job Skills Instruction
Assistive Technology Instruction
Computer Skills Instruction
Braille Instruction

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 Advocacy through Awareness of Programs

Advocacy through making people aware of state and non-profit programs available to assist you

There are many state programs and non-profits that are dedicated to assisting those who are visually impaired adapt to their disability and help them thrive in both their personal and professional goals. At iChallenged we work with the Department of Health Services in Michigan (Formally the Michigan Commission for the Blind), Michigan Rehabilitative Services and local non-profits to make our clients aware of the tools and assistance available to aid them in their end goals. Through advocacy for our clients and making the public in general aware of the services available we can help those impacted by visual impairment better their lives.             

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