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 Basic Job Skills Instruction

Basic Job Skills Instruction

A significant number of clients are determined to have little or no basic job seeking skills in regards to utilizing the computer and the internet. Often these clients are also either new to computers in general or the assistive technologies required to make them successful in searching for jobs. We have created a crash course in using a computer and the internet to expose clients what is required to actively search and apply for jobs in today’s fast paced world. This course will introduce and expose these clients to basic computer navigation skills, email, searching the web for information and applying for jobs on web sites.

The course is one on one in the clients home environment. There is no set number of hours for the course as all clients learn at a different pace. Completion of the course is dependent on the successful completion of a live test at the end of the instruction. If the client fails the test, the deficiencies will be identified and the instructor will review them with the client prior to retaking the test. Instruction includes all required course materials, required hardware (laptop), software and WiFi access to the internet. The iChallenged supplied hardware, software and MiFi will be available to the student only when the instructor is present. The course on average will be a 2 or 3 day experience with 4 to 6 hours per day of instruction. It is expected the course will be completed within seven days of it starting. The exact timing is to be agreed upon by student and instructor.

Client requirements: Minimum typing ability. Hunt and peck is ok. ** Note: If it is determined a client has no keyboard knowledge or skill, the client training will be stopped on the first day of training. A standard Evaluation report will be written and issued with a recommendation that the client be trained in basic typing skills prior to proceeding.

Material covered by this course:
1) Evaluate computer knowledge of client before and after training (supply written report to counselor at end of course)

2) Assess minimum typing capability required for course with typing test (hunt and peck ok)

3) Determine and recommend appropriate assistive technology software for the client (Magic with Speech,
Magic without speech and JAWS, JAWS only)

4) Determine special hardware needs (large screen monitor, track ball, etc.)

5) Instruct on basic computer navigation in the Windows 7 Operating system including only the following:
How to turn on the computer
How to log into the computer
How to open Internet Explorer
How to open Microsoft Word (version 2010)
In general how to open programs from Windows 7 start menu and desktop
How to properly shutdown a computer

6) Basic overview of Microsoft Word in MS Office 2010
How to create a new document
Set margins
How to cut, copy and paste
How to save a document
How to open a saved document
How to print a document to paper or a PDF file
** Note: Purpose of this overview is to expose the client to Microsoft Word as a tool to write and maintain a resume. Basic document formatting is not included in the instruction. The actual creation of resume or assistance with updating an existing resume is not included as part of the course.

7) Instruct on simple navigation and filling out web based forms in Internet Explorer –
How to open a web page by using the address bar
Use Google to search for specific web pages and information
Filling out simple web based forms which include text fields, drop down lists, checkboxes and option buttons.
** Note: Goal of this instruction is for the client to be able to successfully fill out an online application for a job.

8) Instruction of using web based email.
Register student for an email account (Gmail)
Introduce them on how to log onto their email account
How to view the inbox and open a new mail item
How to send an email
How to include an attachment to an email
** Note: Goal is to introduce the client to the use of email as a tool in their job search. Many posted job listings require the applicant to email a copy of their resume for consideration. The ability to access and view email responses and successfully send an email is key to success.

In order to successfully complete the course the client must complete the following tasks successfully on their own:

  1. Turn the computer on.
  2. Successfully log onto the computer
  3. Create a document in MS Word and save it to the computer
  4. Navigate to the iChallenged website and complete a sample online application form, including uploading a word document.
  5. Log into their gmail account and read the response email from the sample form on the iChallenged website
  6. Create an email with a word document attachment and send it to the instructors email address
  7. Go to Michigan Works and search for a posted job of interest and read results in web page ­ https://www.michworks.org/mtb/pages/seeker/search/SearchCriteria.jsp
  8. Setup an account - establish a logon name and a logon pin that allows client to write and submit a resume at https://www.michworks.org/mtb/user/MTB_EMPL.EntryMainPage
  9. Successfully shut down the computer

At the completion of the course the instructor will complete an evaluation report and a set of recommended resources and next steps for the client based on the clients goals. This instruction uses industry and State of Michigan endorsed (used by MDE in schools and MCB for clients) Freedom Scientific assistive technology along with Windows 7 OS. It introduces the client to objective skills with the latest hardware and software used in many businesses (Windows 7, Office 2010 Word, Internet Explorer, Magic and/or JAWS).

Disclaimer: This course is intended as a stepping stone and a high level overview of the skills required to successfully search and apply for jobs over the internet. Instruction is focused solely on teaching the client the skills necessary to successfully complete the end goals of the instruction as mentioned above. In order for the client to be successful in the long term, they must have the ability to continue practicing the skills taught and may require additional instruction beyond this course material to be successful in the client’s end goals.

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