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Coping with Vision Loss
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 Assistance with Health Related Healthcare and Services

Assistance with obtaining vision related health care and services

At iChallenged we are partnering with local non-profits and specialized Optometrists to bring health related assistance to those who have or are experiencing vision loss. Many diseases that can result in becoming visually impaired, such as diabetes, glaucoma and macular degeneration require constant monitoring and treatment with specific medicines to reduce or prevent further damage to the eyes.

Sadly the poor and the under insured are the most at risk of not being able to properly diagnose, monitor and follow doctors treatments for their underlying conditions due to monetary limitations. There are many programs available both through non-profits and some Optometrists to help manage or offset these costs through donations of both medicine and services.

At iChallenged have partnered with a local Optometrist that is committed to helping those in need. We are also currently in the process of partnering with a local coalition of professional eye services to help bring additional services and funding to help.

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