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Coping with Vision Loss
Vision related Healthcare
Advocacy through Awareness
Orientation and Mobility Training
Job Skills Assesment
Job in Jeapardy Intervention
Basic Job Skills Instruction
Assistive Technology Instruction
Computer Skills Instruction
Braille Instruction

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To anyone experiencing recent vision loss, it is a life changing experience. It not only directly impacts the person losing their vision but also impacts their family and possibly their ability to do their job as well.

At iChallenged we take the approach of helping our clients tackle each step of their road to healing and moving forward with their lives. First we have partnered with counselors to address our client’s needs to help adjust with the emotional impact vision loss has. Working with a counselor helps the person and their family with the grieving process and allows them to move forward towards a road to adjusting to their new situation.

Secondly we have also partnered with Optometrists and Ophthalmologists to help with monitoring and managing existing eye related issues and related diseases to minimize the risk for further injury for further injury and vision loss. Once a person has mentally made it to the point of acceptance and their health conditions are properly being monitored, they are now in a position to begin setting their goals going forward.

Having their goals in hand we have several different services available which can help them obtain your goals. These include skills assessments, orientation and mobility instruction, also called O and M training, Job in jeapordy intervention, assistive technology instruction, instruction in braille and computer skills training.

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