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Coping with Vision Loss
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Orientation and Mobility Training
Job Skills Assesment
Job in Jeapardy Intervention
Basic Job Skills Instruction
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 Job in Jeapardy Intervention

Job in jeopardy intervention

At iChallenged we have skilled professionals available to assist those with recent vision loss address both their and their employer concerns as to how their vision loss may impact their ability to complete their job tasks.

Depending on the situation we can either work jointly with the client and their employer or discretely with the client to assess the situation and develop a plan to help meet their job related goals. Often when one loses their vision it often directly impacts their ability to complete day to day tasks one is required to do in their job. In many cases a combination of assistive technologies and or computer skills instruction can go a long way in making sure you continue to be a confident, skilled and employable worker.

We also work directly with employers who have employees requiring special accommodations. Our skilled professionals can help identify assistive tools to meet accommodation requirements, integrate them to work with your internal systems and assist in making sure your employees have the skills to be as productive as possible.

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