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 Job Skills Assesments

Job Skills Assessments

We currently offer a Job skills assessment. This is a useful tool to identify what a clients current skillset is and determine which instruction and training may be most benifical to help them meet their goals. A typical evaluation will include an interview with the client to determine what their short term and long term career goals are. Research is conducted as to what is generally expected for the goals set and then a current skills assessment is scheduled. The assessment takes generally about one to two hours. During this time based on the goals set and general skills most employers expect we test the following skills:

  • General O&M Ability
  • Phone communication skills
  • Ability to type
  • Computer Skills assessment (including):
    • General Navigation Skills
    • Microsoft Office
    • Internet Search, navigation and forms completion
  • Skills specific to any assistive technology being used
  • Skills specific to the clients goals or requirements

After the assessment is completed a formal report is generated which will show both the clients strength and weaknesses within different skill sets. It will also include a proposal of what would be needed to help the client meet their goals. This may include a combination of assistive tools, instruction and or equipment.        

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